Food and drink play an important part in Christmas traditions, which can sometimes encourage people to stray from their diet plan during the festive period.

However, with just a few alterations it is possible to stick to your low carb diet and enjoy what you eat and drink throughout the celebrations.


infographic christmas


Research has shown that the average person in the UK will gain up to half a stone in weight over Christmas and the average traditional turkey dinner contains 956 calories. This illustrates how important it is to keep track of what you are eating and drinking over the holidays, whether you are on a diet or want to maintain your weight.

The alcoholic drinks you choose over Christmas could have a bigger impact on your carb intake than you think. For instance, a standard measure of amaretto contains 25 grams of carbs, this means that it has a higher carb content than 100g of roast potatoes.

To help you to achieve your weight loss goals over Christmas we have created an infographic which provides low carb food and drink ideas, gift suggestions and how the post-Christmas clean-up can burn calories.

By substituting high carb Christmas dinner components, including drinks, with low carb alternatives you will reduce the risk of gaining weight over Christmas which will allow you to start the New Year with confidence. If you would like to begin your Atkins journey and gain access to our range of support tools, explore the resources available on our website and get in touch with our friendly team today by filling out our contact form.